Orlistat – Xenical 120 mg

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Orlistat is a lipase inhibitor which used for helping you to lose your weight and also keep it from returning.



Active Ingredient: Orlistat

Swiss manufactured drug Xenical is a very well-known remedy for weight loss. The fats that enter our body cannot be absorbed if not broken down into small fractions and this is done by special enzymes of the pancreas. The active substance Xenical with active ingredient Orlistat neutralizes these enzymes which prevents the process of splitting and hence the absorption of fat by the body increases. As a result, fats ingested from food do not pass through the intestinal walls and do not enter the bloodstream. They do not help in providing the body with energy are not deposited in the fat depots. These are safely excreted unchanged with feces. But, since fats are important for humans and are needed in some quantities to support vital activity, the body begins to use deferred deposits. Thus, weight loss happens due to two reasons: the caloric content of food is substantially reduced by eliminating the energy indices of undigested fats from food, while the volume of food does not decrease and a cutting food intake or dieting is not required; and there begins the consumption of deposited fat in the body.


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