Etizolam / Etizest-1

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etizolam / Etizest-1
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HEALTH WARNING: This product is sold strictly as a research compound only. Consuming Etizest-1 (active chemical etizolam) could lead to fatal consequences especially when TAKEN with other drugs and  OR supplements.
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Our Etizest 1 is of supreme quality. This is the best place to find etizest at the best rate as compared to the entire web. All of our Etizolam pills come from genuine overseas manufacturers who are GMP certified.

We ensure we do not supply etizest-1 pills that are expired, fake or from a discarded batch. The potency of each pill will surely meet your expectations.

All etizest 1 pills come with minimum of 80% concentrated etizolam due to manufacturing laws overseas. Generally there is a variance of + or – 10% above or below 1 mg of pharmaceutical grade (with 99%) etizolam content. The manufacturers of etizest 1 follow very strict guidelines and regulations and quality checks to ensure each batch meets the requirement and expectation of the end user. There are also medical binders and fillers of high grade used in manufacturing each etizest-1 pill which are typically used during pharmaceutical manufacturing.


Other etizest vendors that sell for research applications in the USA often get their product from untrusted sources which may not be upto the expected quality. Certain batches of etizest pills are discarded due to their expiration dates or low quality and potency after quality control checks. Some vendors either manage to buy these bad pills and send to consumers across the world at a surprisingly discounted rate which then dose not give results.

This often leaves researchers with a useless product they cannot use or get skewed results. We assure you that none of our products that we ship to our customers are from the expired lot or from any bad batch which we could guarantee as we buy straight from reputed sources. Potency may have a variance of up to 20% but this is due to pharmaceutical regulations and something beyond our control. Most of the etizolam researchers working with us are extremely happy with our product.

Consern Pharma Etizest

Etizest-1 is a brand of 1mg etizolam pills that are manufactured by Consern Pharma, and Indian manufacturer who is GMP certified and FDA approved nd they have been known to manufacture fine quality product. Most of Concern Etizest-1, etizolam pills are shipped to Europe and other countries where etizolam is prescribed as a sleep aid or anxiolytic. Our researchers are find of our etizest-1 tablets as they are of highest purity and conveniently manufactured into tablets for research applications.

The product Etizest when sold as a pharmaceutical comes in two forms. The first form is the oral version intended to be swallowed with water. The other version is Etizest MD form which dissolves in the mouth and need not be swallowed. Both have similar bio availability but the MD version reacts and hits peak levels faster and its overall effects are faster as compared to the regular version. In the pharmaceutical applications where the drug is used, either may be prescribed depending on the intended use.

Etizest vs. Etilaam

Apart from etizest, etilaam is another very popular pharmaceutical etizolam tablet researchers like to use for their research. Any of the brand used will get the job done and it really depends on the researchers personal preference. As all our etizolam pills are sourced from legitimate suppliers, both brands will work to the optimum expectation so there is no comparing and saying one is better over the other.

As pharmaceutical companies follow strict regulations in their manufacturing process, so the concentration of etizolam per pill should be relatively same. Other than the binders and fillers, both etizest and etilaam should carry 80% to 85% etizolam.


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